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Nov. 2022

The fall workshop at Dhulikhel Hospital took place from November 3-5 and went very well. Wolfgang Scharnke organized and conducted the workshop together with Wolfgang Blank and his wife Ursula on site, supported by lecturing colleagues in Germany. The ultrasound course was attended by 15 people, a good mix of beginners and users. The great interest of the young people in both the lectures and the practical exercises was striking. For the latter, Prof. Gurung had organized male models who willingly allowed themselves to be examined by the course participants. In addition to the models, Wolfgang Blank's gelatine kitchen once again provided the puncture models with a mix of olives, beef and balloons.

On the second day, which was attended by 25 participants, the well-known demonstrations of therapeutic tools in endoscopy took place in the morning.After the ERCP demonstrations, it became practical.The team of nurses shone with their perfect preparation of the two pig stomachs and the models that the Wolfgangs had purchased from Prof. Grund, Tübingen, and donated to the ETC.We were supported on this day by Michael Guggenberger, who came to Dhulikhel from the Scheer Memorial Adventist Hospital in Banepa.

Olympus Singapore contributed to the workshop on the second day and demonstrated the new "1500" series system. Unfortunately, ERBE had to cancel its participation as Ganesh Lim was no longer available due to the relatively short-notice rescheduling of the workshop.
The event was rounded off by the State of the Art Lectures by Matthias Breidert from Zurich and Rudolph Riepl via Zoom.The transmission took place in the Morning Conference room and was technically perfect. In the run-up to the conference, the time until the participants arrived was bridged by Nepalese pictures and music.
The third day took place in the lecture hall. Most of the well-known gastroenterologists from Nepal were present.After the lectures (Endotalk), the 5 posters and the 4 submitted pictures were awarded.
Only the "Rapid fire answers to surgical/interventional endoscopic problems (max. 8 slides, 8 min speech)" was used for presentations, contrary to the intention. The only thing that will help here in future is to rigorously switch off the projector after 8 slides.
Overall, the atmosphere was very good and there was an intensive exchange with the very interested colleagues, also during the breaks.
Not to forget a big thank you from the nurses to the Nepal group of the GF for the congratulations!

Aug. 2022

The routine endoscopy at St. Benedict's Hospital Ndanda is thriving, I am standing next to Dr. Patrick Zengo, who performs about 10 gastroscopies and 1-2 colonoscopies per day. One problem is the planning and implementation of (urgently needed) ERCPs, as there is only a fluoroscopy system in the operating room and all the necessary material has to be brought there with great effort. Otherwise, the hospital is very well equipped - there is an X-ray system and even a CT scan. In the afternoon, we continue with hands-on teaching at sonography. There is a great need for further training here - the huge potential of sonography can still be exploited far too little by our colleagues. However, the equipment in sonography would also have to be upgraded.

Apr. 2022

After a long break due to the pandemic, another face-to-face workshop was held at Dhulikhel Hospital in Nepal on 30.3. and 1.4.22. In addition to the presentations, the participants were given plenty of time to practise the principles described themselves. The Gastrofoundation was represented by Dr. Dirk Hagena, Dr. Wolfgang Blank and Dr. Volker Stagge. The first day was dedicated to ultrasound, and the young doctors were able to practise punctures and drainages on specially made models in addition to basic examinations. The second day focused on endoscopy. After the theoretical part, demo examinations took place and the colleagues were able to carry out simple exercises with the endoscopes themselves using various models. The Nepalese endoscopy nurses had again prepared the individual stations perfectly, including prepared pig stomachs and the models. At the same time, the lecturers from Nepal and Germany were of course always available to answer questions and provide suggestions. Ultimately, this 5th hands-on workshop for beginners was once again a great success, demonstrating the department's function as an endoscopic training center for Nepal.


Mar. 2022

With the great support of the Rotary Club of Oerlikon, we were able to send two examination tables to Pristina. They have arrived and are being used enthusiastically!

Dec. 2021

Our board member Matthias Breidert visited the newly built endoscopy department in Pristina and informed himself about the progress of the expansion on site. He also led a telemedicine workshop attended by 120 participants from clinics in Kosovo. ?A few months ago, Dr. Fitore Kimoni was appointed as the new director of the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.? Further support was agreed, including in the form of regular hands-on training courses on site, in order to stabilise the number of examinations.

Nov. 2021

Corona has us under control!

That's why we are moving our traditional fall workshop to the virtual space!
On November 18 and 19, the virtual endoscopy workshop will take place in cooperation with Dhulikhel Hospital.

We expect 300 participants.

Today we hosted a test session with speakers and industry supporters.
So good to see everyone! We are looking forward to tomorrow. The exchange is valuable and important.

Sep. 2021

A long-standing member of the Nepal group of the Gastroenterology Foundation and an endoscope repair company have donated two gastroscopes for gastroscopies to the ETC. They are already in use! Thank you very much for this generous donation.

May. 2021

Zatti Dervishi, a great supporter of the Gastroenterology Foundation, together with the Kosovar international Mavraij, has brought a very well-preserved Erbotom to Pristina. A big thank you to the donors and our carriers! This project would not be possible without the selfless help of our supporters. We are very grateful for that.

May. 2021

The endoscope towers and endo-washers have arrived safely in Pristina. We would like to thank the companies Olympus and Treier Endoscopie and our donors who made the transport possible.

Apr. 2021

After weeks of waiting for clearance from Nepalese customs, our large aid shipment with accessories, repaired endoscopes and protective material has finally arrived at the ETC. We have just received the first photo showing our colleagues unpacking.

A big thank you to all donors!

Apr. 2021

Today, 620,000 CPA masks from Zettl, 50,000 surgical face masks from STRAMA and several boxes of protective material from Straubing Hospital were loaded into two containers and set off on their long journey to Nepal. The loading operation was thankfully carried out by Kühne+Nagel with a team of volunteers.
Many thanks to the donors and to Prof. Weigert and his team for their great coordination!


Oct. 2020

After months of waiting, a large delivery has finally reached the ETC in Dhulikhel. Our colleagues were able to unpack three repaired endoscopes, the new X-ray machine for the new ERCP room and coronavirus protective clothing. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all donors, especially the Merck Family Foundation and the Rotary Club Oerlikon.

Jun. 2019

We are very pleased to be able to start the new project cooperation with the Gastroenterology Department in Peramiho, Tanzania. The well-established Benedictine Mission Hospital will expand endoscopy.

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